Junk Head: clone and humanity in stop-motion [bande-annonce]

The Japanese phenomenon arrives in French theaters next month.

The first stop-motion animated film by Takahide Horireleased in 2021 in Japan, will be released in France at the cinema on May 18.

The trailer right here:

Junkhead, it is first a short film made in image by image in 2013 and directed only by Hori. The project then developed into a feature film, in 2017, with more than 140,000 shots to end in an animation of 1h41. For Guillermo Del Torroit is “a work of a one-man band of unregulated brilliance! A monumental will and imagination at work”.

Suzume No Tojimari: the trailer for the new film from the director of Your Name

The film tells of a distant future where, through genetic manipulation, humanity has managed to achieve near immortality. However, it has lost the ability to reproduce and is heading towards extinction. In order to investigate the secrets of procreation, a man is sent to the depths of the Earth, where mutant clones live ready to rebel against their creators…

In the original voice cast, we find Takahide Hori, Yuji Sugiyama and Atsuko Miyake.

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