Jurassic Park III: behind the scenes of the incredible shooting of the third installment

Joe Johnston’s blockbuster returns tonight on TFX.

Never two without three ! After the phenomenal success of Jurassic Park released in 1993 then from Lost World: Jurassic Park in 1997, both directed by Steven Spielberg, the dinosaurs returned to theaters in Jurassic Park III, this time staged by Joe johnston (Jumanji, Captain America…). A third opus, considered by many to be the least good of the saga, which has nevertheless attracted in French cinemas more than 2 million curious and which has brought in a total of more than $ 368 million. A film marked by nice action scenes whose behind the scenes were unveiled by Universal when it was released on DVD, and which are available from on YouTube. Interesting videos to review, because they allow you to become aware of the large amount of special effects that have been designed for this sequel, but also of the progress that has been made in this area over the past twenty years.

Part 2 of the making-of Jurassic Park III :

Why is Jurassic Park III the favorite of the saga?

Bringing together Sam neill, William H. Macy or Téa Leoni, Jurassic Park III propels the entire team eight years after the InGen debacle. In need of financial means to continue his research, the paleontologist Alan Grant agrees to accompany Paul Kirby, an adventurer, and Amanda, the latter’s wife, to fly over Isla Sorna, InGen’s new site dedicated to the breeding of dinosaurs. But this adventure, presented as peaceful, will hold many surprises for Alan Grant …

While we wait for the third opus of Jurassic World, produced this time by Colin Trevorrow, with among others Bryce dallas howard, Chris Pratt, and Omar Sy at the cinema next summer, Jurassic Park III will return this evening on TFX.

Jurassic World 3: the first 5 minutes of “Dominion” … with lots of dinos!

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