Jurassic Park was almost a James Cameron movie in the Aliens vein

Within a few hours, Steven Spielberg would not have had the rights.

What if Steven Spielberg hadn’t realized Jurassic Park ? What if James Cameron had been behind the camera? Present at the inauguration of the Titanic Museum in Belfast, to which he donated several objects from his film, Cameron revealed in April 2018 (via the Huffington Post) that he almost adapted Michael Crichton’s novel on the big screen: ” I tried to buy the rights to the book and it beat me for a few hours. But when I saw the movie I realized that I didn’t have the right person for this project, Steven Spielberg was. », He confides. “ Because he made a children’s dinosaur movie, and mine would’ve been Aliens with dinosaurs, and that wouldn’t have been fair. Dinosaurs are for eight year olds. We can all have fun, but kids understand dinosaurs and shouldn’t be left out. His sensitivity was the right one for this film. I would have gone further, to something horrible, much more horrible “. We let you think about what could have been Jurassic Park in the hands of James Cameron …

Steven Spielberg – Jurassic Park: “If you don’t believe in dinosaurs, there are no movies”

Here is the trailer for the cult film carried by Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jaff Goldblum, to be seen again this Sunday on TF1 from 11:20 pm (before, the program channel Kong: Skull Island):

Jurassic Park music is cooler with lyrics for Jeff Goldblum

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