Jurassic World is the ultimate fan film (review)

The blockbuster will be rebroadcast this Sunday on TF1.

The output of Jurassic World: The World After approach: go on June 8 to attend the reunion of Ellie Satler (Laura Dern), Alan Grant (Sam Neill) and Ian Malcolm (Jeff Glodblum). To wait, TF1 rebroadcasts the first Jurassic World, at 9:10 p.m. Here’s what we thought of this Colin Trevorrow blockbuster when it was released in 2015. Note that after an opus directed by Juan Antonio Bayona (The orphanage), Trevorrow returns behind the camera to complete the adventures of Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) and Owen Grady (Chris Pratt).

Jurassic World: What if the character played by Chris Pratt was already in Jurassic Park?

“Dinosaurs were people’s dreams 20 years ago. Today, that’s not enough for them anymore”.

So Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) justifies the creation of a genetically engineered hybrid, supposed to be the new star attraction of the dinosaur park. As you will have understood, it is the GMO creature that ends up spreading terror with undisguised enthusiasm.

Arriving more than twenty years after a feature film that was a small revolution is not easy. However Jurassic World has a rather deft way of assuming its position as a delayed-sequel-reviving-an-old-saga: a surprising mix of humor, feigned innocence and cynicism (the “we called him Indominus Rex because it had to be easy to pronounce” arises there). Inevitably, it does not go further: the film does not spit in the soup and conforms very exactly to its specifications. But exposing the artificial side of the project in such an uninhibited way would almost be reminiscent of the meta lines of 22 Jump Street.

Jurassic World Honest Trailer: “No, but what is this park?!”

Everything bigger

What does a fan do if he has the same means as his idol? Pretty much the same thing, but bigger. This is exactly what the update offers. Jurassic World, and this is what allows it not only to address the nostalgic. The park was still at the test stage? Here is one open to the public with thousands of visitors and as many potential victims. There weren’t enough dinosaur fights? Here you will get your money’s worth. Raptors traumatized everyone by learning to open doors? Here they are more intelligent and “civilized” than ever. An overbidding which has as a limit only the PG13, which should not be exceeded so as not to be cut off from too large a part of the public. Shame.

But Jurassic World is not just a big soulless machine, and in that the choice of Colin Trevorrow is quite sensible. Not for the exceptional qualities of its Safety not guaranteed, but above all because he is not Spielberg and does not try to match his idols. As for Steven, not taking charge of the real himself and dubbing a guy who has stars in his eyes when he talks about 1st film, it’s always better than running after a style that we won’t find again, cf the trauma of Crystal Skull Kingdom.

Magdalene by Proust

Obviously, the apprentice sometimes sins by excess of zeal. Bring back the scientist from the 1st opus (BD Wong) by radically changing his psychology, bringing out the legendary original jeeps without any explanation (seriously, what the hell are they doing there?) or putting pressure on the geek character of Jake Johnson, comic relief that Trevorrow directed in his previous film, to the point of making him wear a Jurassic Park t-shirt and collect the dino figurines sold at the time, it borders on bad taste. But beyond that, admiration for Jurassic Park is too palpable to be a simple command and above all, not to be communicative. The second we see the amazed (or horrified) eyes of Ty Simpkins in front of the prehistoric spectacle, the Madeleine effect of Proust works at full capacity. The accumulation of more subtle ironic references than mere gadgets only increases tenfold this impression of permanent and sincere homage, up to an anthology sequence that we will not spoil for you.

This is also why the protagonists follow old-fashioned codes (clichés?). A secretive man wants to manipulate dinosaurs, the kids in danger turn out to be full of resources, Chris Pratt goes out of his way to deliver what appears to be an audition for the Indiana Jones reboot, including his relationship with Claire who becomes by force of circumstances a worthy adventurer (sorry Joss Whedon)… It’s clear that they are simply not the heroes of the film. Above all, Trevorrow came to make a declaration of love to a childhood memory that is still relevant.

This is ultimately perhaps the true meaning of the title. We could only see it as proof of the modesty of a fan who refuses the comparison that a “Jurassic Park 4” would induce. But after the ending clap, “Jurassic World” sounds like definitive proof that the daydream of the 1st movie is now a shared norm.

Now that the tribute card has been played, constantly highlighted by the omnipresent musical theme, good luck for the sequel (seriously considered) which will only be of interest if it decides to kill the father. This is also the animal kingdom.

Yerim Sar

40 years of Hollywood blockbusters: Jurassic Park (1993)

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