Kaamelott 2 and Kaamelott 3 will be shot back-to-back in 2023

Alexandre Astier finally gives some news.

With more than 2 million cinema admissions, despite the introduction of the vaccine pass in cinemas last summer, Kaamelott – First part had great success. We thought that SND would announce the filming of its two sequels immediately after, sinceAlexandre Astier had explained from the beginning of the transposition of his series to the cinema that he intended to make a trilogy from it, but it was finally necessary to wait for its first television broadcast to find out more about Kaamelott 2 and 3.

Just before programming the film on Friday evening, Canal + invited its actor-screenwriter-director-composer to participate in the program En Aparté, where he revealed that he intended to shoot it in 2023, in order to release them. without making the public wait too long at the cinema: “The second installment will be in two parts. It is Kill Bill, a little, you see? It’s twice 2 hours, separated by 4-5 months in output. So already for me it’s a 4 hour shoot. It’s a little different. I would like to shoot next spring. In the spring of 2023, if I get there.”

Here is the excerpt from the show, which is (re) seen in full on channel’s website :

Alexandre Astier: “I tell myself that Kaamelott was made for the cinema”

The story of Kaamelott :

Trailer :

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