Kaamelott 2: when will the second part be released?

From the start, Alexandre Astier has planned a trilogy. But where is the rest?

This is called a hot start. With more than 400,000 admissions for its first day of theatrical operation, Kaamelott: first part exceeded even the wildest expectations ofAlexandre astier. The proof: he hasn’t even written the script for the sequel yet.

While the creator of the cult series announced from the start his intention to make a trilogy, we learn in Le Point than Kaamelott 2 is not likely to be released soon: “I wrote the outline for the second part and the third part, but it is very precarious, not even in the processing state“, explains Astier to Point Pop, specifying in passing that, “From a purely financial point of view, you don’t need a huge theatrical success for me to get the green light for the second part.”

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Given the movie’s thunderous numbers at the moment, there’s a good chance the SND studio will validate quickly. Kaamleott: second part. It remains to be seen when filming will begin …

“If I’m not mobilized by another big serial adventure that I care about, Kaamelott: second part won’t have to wait as long as the first one … “ promises Alexandre Astier, who does not say more.

We can therefore guess that the series project is certainly the one mentioned in recent weeks. A series around parallel reality: “It’s not strictly sci-fi, but I’m very interested in technology and machines. By the human reflex to manufacture objects which replace it. I was interested for a while in what our civilization could have been if we had taken other technological branches, if we had not had oil as the main resource for example, if we had privileged other things. What would our world be like today? I think it would make a terrible show and I try to do that one day “, revealed Alexandre Astier, during the program “Popcorn” of the streamer Domingo on Twitch. So will this new series delay Kaamelott 2 ?

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