Kaamelott: a key scene from the First Part explained by Astier


While the film is available on DVD and VOD, an audio commentary from the director shed light on one of the feature film’s most enigmatic scenes.

That those who have not yet seen Kaamelott – First part do not continue reading this article unless they are mindful of the spoilers. In any case, we will have warned you: this article balances elements on the end of the film.

Indeed, while the feature film signed Alexandre astier and taken from the universe of his series Kaamelott just released on DVD and VOD (you can rent it now on Premiere Max), after garnering no fewer than 2,645,727 viewers over its 15 weeks of distribution, an audio commentary from the director on his own film has been incorporated into the blu-ray edition of the first film in the trilogy. Commentary in which Astier returns to the scene at the end of the feature film, and on Arthur’s new suicide attempt (via Allocine).

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In the last scene, Arthur has managed to infiltrate Kaamelott and comes face to face with Lancelot. Rather than kill his best enemy, the ex-King lets him escape, and as the castle crumbles, Arthur doesn’t move and, instead, remains lying on the round table. A second suicide attempt, after the one that ended season five. If this last gesture seemed strange to the eyes of the spectators, who throughout the film saw Arthur recover the hair of the beast and his heroism of the first seasons, the director associates this immobility with the last flashback of the film, bringing Arthur back to face the mysterious Furadja (Salwa Al Hajri).

In this flashback, Arthur kills Furadja, stabbing her in the back. “For me, this vision will pursue Arthur all his life”, explains Alexandre Astier. “This vision, that look, of Furadja, this trauma of seeing her pierced through and through (…). He killed a woman in the back because that is his only response to all this violence and to in my opinion, in the fact that he is depressed, and that he cannot overcome this depression, this event in his youth matters a lot “.

This is for him the reason for Arthur’s inability to kill Lancelot: “[Arthur] is therefore unable to take revenge a second time and he will probably no longer be able to kill someone. What Lancelot takes for weakness and incompetence, cowardice, but which in fact is more constructed than that “.

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For the director, it is also this memory of extreme violence that explains his suicide attempts, and his entire relationship to death: “[Arthur] attempted suicide at the end of season 5, saved by Lancelot. He saw Caesar’s suicide when he was younger in season 6, he is haunted by the idea of ​​his own death and he tries to kill himself by lying on the table while the castle goes to fall on him. the head.”

But where death is omnipresent, Arthur will not ultimately perish under the stones of Kaamelott. The former King of the Kingdom of Logres is brought back to his senses when Gareth of Ocania and Mehgan burst into the castle’s centerpiece. This entry is, for Alexandre Astier, saving for his character. He declares that what can save Arthur “it’s the young”. He is ashamed of his desire to die in front of young people who show will, courage, recklessness. (…) And on top of that, he has to get them out of there, otherwise they will die with him. So it was important for me that he was surprised by young people who have a vital energy that he no longer has. ”

With this explanation, it appears that the youth, already very present in the film in comparison to the series, could well have an even more important role to play in the continuation of this trilogy which began this summer. And that enchants us greatly.

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