Kaamelott actor says he shot with Sting without knowing who it was

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“I don’t know who he is at all, but I find him likeable”, still remembers François Rollin, back to play Lot d’Orcanie in the film.

Update March 25, 2022: Kaamelott: First Part will be broadcast for the first time on television, as part of Canal +’s Friday blockbuster evening. When it was released on July 21, 2021, François Rollin told a funny filming anecdote. Flashback, to wait until 9:09 p.m. (“Patience is a dish that is eaten without sauce”is not it ?)

News of July 21, 2021: 200,000 fans have already had a good laugh in front of Kaamelott during previews. This was also the case of the band on the set… Francois Rollinwho reprises his role as Lot of Orcania in the film, told a few days ago on France Inter an amusing anecdote involving his classmate Anthony of Caunes (Dagonet) and the singer Stingformer leader of the group Police, cast by Alexandre Astier to play Horsa in Kaamelott: First Part.

Alexandre Astier: “I tell myself that Kaamelott was made for the cinema”

“I’m going to shoot, with a light heart, always with enthusiasm since it’s always pleasant to shoot with Alexandre (Astier). At lunch, I’m at the same table as Antoine (de Caunes). There’s a gentleman who seems extremely friendly. He speaks English to me! I’m not very good at conversation. I can’t. But from what I see and smell, this guy means something! I I don’t know who he is but I find him likeable”recount Francois Rollin at the microphone of Popopop, the program of Caunes and Charline Roux.

He goes on to explain that a few minutes later, at the coffee machine, “I make a sign to Antoine asking him: ‘Who is this guy?’. Antoine burst out laughing and told me: ‘Stop making fun of me! It’s Sting! I didn’t know who it was. But I still understood that it was someone very famous that I couldn’t recognize! It’s a very pleasant feeling! This guy whose songs I don’t know or anything at all… I was just sharing a canteen meal with him and I thought he was delicious!”

And the two have also shared, in the process, a scene of Kaamelott: First Part.

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