Kaamelott: Arnaud Klein broke the world viewing record

Kaamelott record

The official record was 191 screenings of the same film in the cinema. He hopes to push up to 203 sessions. An event is also organized around the last, scheduled for Saturday.

He said it, he did it! Arnaud Klein now holds the record for the viewer having seen the same film the most on the big screen, with more than 200 views (to date) of Kaamelott – First part ofAlexandre astier at the meter.

Beating the previous record set at 191 screenings of the same film at the cinema (in this case Avengers Endgame by an American spectator, in 2019), Arnaud Klein managed to enter Astier’s feature film – and himself, of course – in the Guinness Book of Records. He also tells France 3 the difficulties he may have encountered to achieve this performance. Weight loss, water retention, upset internal clock, boredom from the 80th session … So many steps to be taken to achieve this feat today. An exploit that he was able to tell Alexandre Astier himself on the set of Quotidien, and that he intends to share with his supporters, inviting them to join it for its 203rd meeting, the most important, on Saturday September 18.

Kaamelott 200 times: Alexandre Astier promises a session to the fan in search of the record

Because if the consecration is lonely, the challenge is shared: Astier fans have repeatedly shown their support for the new record holder, for example participating in a kitty launched for registration rights in the Guinness Book. Likewise, the 203rd session will be an opportunity for fans of the world of Kaamelott to meet at the cinema and then in a bar to discuss it. “Greetings pegs” writes Arnaud Klein on the official event page: the tone is set.

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