Kaamelott: Arnaud Klein had his session with King Arthur

Alexandre Astier and Arnaud Klein
Twitter Arnaud Klein

Alexandre Astier had promised that he would go see his film with the young man. It is now done.

We can say that Sire Arthur keeps his promises! WhileAlexandre astier had promised Arnaud Klein, who had set himself the challenge of breaking the world record for screenings of the same film in the cinema with Kaamelott: First part, to come and attend one of the sessions with him, the king kept his word!

Kaamelott 200 times: Alexandre Astier promises a session to the fan in search of the record

Having recently become a world record holder, Arnaud Klein posted a photo on his Twitter account in the presence of Alexandre Astier, lifting the veil on what was not yet a certainty.

Because if Astier had announced to donate his presence to the fan of Kaamelott, nothing had been decided yet, and for several weeks Arnaud Klein maintained the doubt, affirming that he did not know if the director would join him for a new screening of his own film.

All’s well that ends well, therefore, in the Kingdom of the Ogre. And if this session has not been counted, the last is scheduled for Saturday, September 18 in Reims, and everyone is invited. At the round table, no sidelined. And, I promise, you don’t have to be a knight to go there.

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