Kaamelott: world record validated for the First Section

Guinness Book - Kaamelott
Arnaud Klein; SND

Arnaud Klein shared his Guinness Book of Records entry certificate.

It’s official, Kaamelott – First Stream entered the Guinness Book of Records! Thanks to the performance of Arnaud Klein, big fan of the series and film created by Alexandre Astier who saw the First Stream 204 times, the first chapter of the future trilogy dedicated to Arthurian legends with Astier dethroned sauce Avengers – Endgame and its 191 screenings in the world record of screenings of the same film in the cinema. It was through a tweet on his official account that Arnaud Klein announced the news to his subscribers:

“The greatest number of views of the same film is 204 and was directed by Arnaud Klein” can we read on the entry certificate to the Guinness Book. The new record holder thanked his subscribers for their support.

Kaamelott: Arnaud Klein broke the world record for viewing

But if the fans have expressed their joy at this news, we do not yet know the reaction of Alexandre Astier, great hero of Kaamelott (series and film combined). Surely King Arthur will be delighted to learn that his film has made history. As a reminder, Astier had participated in the achievement of the record, accompanying Arnaud Klein to one of his sessions.

Kaamelott: Arnaud Klein had his session with King Arthur

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