Kate Beckinsale returns bloody in Jolt’s muscular trailer

Amazon Prime Video unveils its new action flick with the Underworld actress.

First trailer for Jolt, the new action movie from Tanya wexler (The scammer) produced by Amazon Prime Video. Lots of twists and turns on the menu, especially due to the impulsive nature of Lindy, played by Kate beckinsale (Pearl Harbor, Underworld). Before revealing its synopsis, we let you discover the trailer below:

According to the site Collider, the official synopsis is as follows: Lindy is a beautiful woman with sardonic humor with a painful secret: Due to a rare neurological disorder, she experiences urges of rage and murder which can only be stopped when she is plugged into a special electrode device. , which sends shocks. Unable to find love and connect in a world that is afraid of her, she ultimately trusts a man long enough to fall in love, only to find him murdered the next day. Broken and enraged, she embarks on a quest for revenge to find the murderer, while being pursued by the police who consider her as the main suspect of the crime. “

The trailer shows a nervous and tense Kate Beckinsale, struggling to control her impulses and temper tantrums. We also perceive it during his therapy sessions, connected to threads that release shocks. Beckinsale is fabulous in all the action scenes that punctuate this trailer. It is not surprising that the 47-year-old actress was chosen to take on the role of Lindy, since she is a regular in action films, especially with the franchise. Underworld, in which she played the warrior vampire Selene. The actress is also expected to be seen in future projects like El Tonto, Charlie Day’s first film, or Prisoner’s Daughter, by Catherine Harwicke.

The casting is also of quality: we will find the actors Bobby Cannavale (Ant-Man, The Irishman), Jai Courtney (Suicide Squad), Laverne Cox (Orange Is the New Black), David Bradley (Doctor who), Ori Pfeffer (Hackshaw Ridge), Susan Sarandon (Thelma and Louise) and Stanley Tucci (Supernova, The Devil Wears Prada).

The film will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on July 23.

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