Kenobi: Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen had lost sight of each other “for years”

Kenobi: Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen

The Scottish actor tells of his joy to find the interpreter of Anakin, after having spent so much time with him, in Australia, at the time of the filming of Episodes II and III of Star Wars.

If the career ofEwan McGregor exploded in the wake of preology, the rebound was much more complicated for Hayden Christensen. The Canadian actor has never found a role of such magnitude, especially after the failure of jumperthe blockbuster (2008) of which he was the star and which was to give new impetus to his filmo.

His presence in the series Kenobi from Disney +, which will begin on Friday, therefore has second chance areas for the 41-year-old actor, who found his old Scottish friend on the set. “It was really great to see him again,” told Ewan McGregorduring the international press conference held last week. “Because we were actually very close at the time. We met for episodes II and III and we shot them in Australia. So we were both away from home. So we we spent a lot of time training together for fights, being on set together, but also outside of work, because we were far from each other. In short, we were close. And then, over time years, I guess over time, we kinda lost touch with each other. I hadn’t seen Hayden in years actually. So when I saw him again and got to talk about this project with him it was very, very exciting. It was great.”

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Real reunions between friends, as we could see on the red carpet of the big premiere, recently, but also reunions of actors: “Playing together again was kind of a time warp. Really, I felt like watching him on set like the last 17 years hadn’t happened… It was really special. “

Especially since in Star Wars: Kenobi, the relationship of the former Jedi master with his student passed to the dark side will take a prominent place. What director Deborah Chow confirmed during this same conference: “In developing the series, we were looking at what was important in Obi-Wan’s life. What were the relationships that were meaningful to the character. And obviously, the story that comes out of Revenge of the Sith is very powerful! It There’s weight in this Anakin/Vador storyline. So it was only natural that Hayden would be back, to continue that relationship on the show.”

Star Wars: Kenobi launches Friday, May 27 on Disney+.

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