Kev Adams gets lost in his Haters obsession [critique]

The actor and comedian returns to Amazon with a comedy that falls apart.

The “haters”. For the past few years, Kev Adams has only had that word on his mind. It must be said that the humorist and actor has a complicated relationship with the public. Loved by some, hated by others, the star revealed by the series Soda on M6 saw the rank of its despisers swell as its success grew and spread to the cinema with The Teachers 1 and 2 then The New Adventures of Aladdin. Three huge hits each time exceeding 3 million admissions.

As long as he seduced the young audience who were his core target, all was well. Yes but here it is, at the end of 2016 everything changes for Kev when he plays on W9 a controversial sketch about the Chinese in the company of Gad Elmaleh. A sequence full of clichés that generates a huge bad buzz on social networks, then relayed by the press. Re-broadcast in 2018 by the channel (strange idea), it will cause a new outcry. During his appearance on the show To the blackboard (on C8), he is even stopped by an 8-year-old girl of Asian origin and ends up apologizing. Except that the damage is done.

Kev Adams, the star who divides

The same year, Kev returned to the bill with Alad’2, the continuation of New Adventures of Aladdin. The success in theaters is less there than on the first, but especially the film, already badly received by the press, is made squarely roll by the Net surfers, in particular on Allociné where it collects 1 star out of 5. “With the power of social networks, there are sometimes people who say to themselves, we are rotting this film“, will he try to explain on the set of We are not lying, in April 2019. “It may sound a bit phew, but it does exist“.

Casually, once ubiquitous Kev Adams has been rather discreet since Alad’2. And it is by the scene that he begins his return, in 2020. In parallel, he animates his YouTube channel (in particular by posting sketches shot with his grandmother), sets up his own comedy club, The Fridge, and participates at the 30th anniversary of the Montreux Festival. A rather convincing comeback and well received by the public. Kev, now in his thirties, seems to have matured and turned the page on past controversies and failures. Truly ?

Obviously, Kev Adams is still obsessed with haters. To the point of making it the subject and title of his new film, written by Romuald Boulanger (who directed Connected for Amazon) and directed by Stéphane Marelli. In this very meta comedy, he plays a YouTuber who, after being the victim of a huge bad buzz, goes to meet his biggest haters to try to win back his fans and his girlfriend, who feels abandoned.

A potentially interesting subject, which could have allowed Kev to come to terms with his demons and with the public. Except that he takes his feet in the carpet and struggles to formulate a relevant criticism of the phenomenon of haters, any more than he manages to make his self-criticism. “The more I meet them, the more I realize that those who have rage against me, it is because they have rage against themselves“, even loose his character, Thomas the Lama. We will come back to the mea culpa.

But the real problem of Hatersis that all the scenes fall apart in terms of humor. In line with Bad buzz (Eric and Quentin’s film), the film never manages to make us laugh, or even shock us, unlike a Simply black (the comparison with the scene of Lucien Jean-Baptiste is also very bad). With guests like Jean-Claude Van Damme, Audrey Fleurot, Vincent Desagnat, Nadia Fares as a gypsy (we are far from remembering Demons of jesus), William Baldwin or Pascal Demolon, there was however material to offer us some good moments of comedy.

Now let’s hope for Kev that he really gets on with it and proves to us that he can still make people laugh. Maybe it will be for his next movie, Retirement home by Thomas Guillou, where he will play the best of French actors of the third age (Gérard Depardieu, Daniel Prévost, Marthe Villalonga, Jean-Luc Bideau, Liliane Rovère…). As for the subject of jealousy, he should have stuck to the sketch of 2019 where he had made up himself on stage, pretending to be one of his haters …

Haters, on Amazon Prime Video on December 1, 2021

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