Kevin Can Fuck Himeslf Fucks Daddy’s Old Sitcom On Amazon (Review)

Kevin Can fuck himself

You’ve never seen anything like it. A unique creation, which boasts the high-sounding family comedy of the 1990s, to better advocate “Women’s empowerment”.

Kevin James must have had ringing ears. Launched this summer across the Atlantic, Kevin Can Fuck Himeslf ostensibly attacks (everything is in the title) the old patriarchal sitcoms of which he is one of the icons in the United States, with A guy from queens (in the 2000s) and Kevin can wait (until 2020). Laughing at the place of women in these low-brow family comedies and the overwhelming behavior of the man of the house, Kevin Can Fuck Himeslf advocates the emancipation of the American wife, prisoner of this domestic hell, without goal or perspective.

As a “Desperate Housewife” forced to smile, we are introduced to Allison McRoberts. Beautiful, helpful, she does the laundry, the cooking, and endures her husband’s dubious jokes and his abysmal heaviness with a contorted face. Except that Allison will gradually wake up and break the cardboard decor that governs her life …

Kevin Can Fuck Himself achieves a feat never seen on television: mixing stupid family sitcom and existential drama. In substance, but also in form! The series switches in a second from one realization to the Married, two children, over-lit and boosted by recorded laughter, a cold, murky, disconcerting gloom, Shameless. As soon as Kevin leaves the room, his better half comes face to face with herself, staring her depressing life in the face. A perfectly mastered meta concept, which takes the form of a scathing rant towards daddy’s sitcom and the patriarchal society she has always put forward. Just out of Shitt’s creek, of which she was the ray of sunshine, Annie murphy finds a role commensurate with his talent. As perfect as the wife of Al Bundy as she is as Bree Van de Camp on the verge of a nervous breakdown, she carries with force this feminist liberation seriesphile shock.

Kevin Can Fuck Himeslf, already available on Amazon Prime Video in France.

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