Kevin Feige teases new ‘top secret’ Marvel with Scarlett Johansson

Kevin Feige teases new

This project would have nothing to do with Black Widow.

The hatchet seems to be definitely buried between Scarlett johansson and producers at Marvel. This summer, the actress filed a complaint against the Disney studio, considering that his contract for the release of Black widow had not been respected, since the blockbuster was quickly uploaded to Disney Plus after its arrival in theaters. Her claim clarified that this exit strategy would have cost her millions of dollars, as she was to receive bonuses based on the box office’s solo box office earnings, and the affair made a lot of noise in Hollywood.

Scarlett Johansson reconciles with Disney, after Black Widow’s release on Disney +

A few months later, the actress seems to have good relations with the studio again, precisely with her boss. Kevin feige, who paid tribute to him last night. Scarlett received the 35th American Cinematheque Prize, and several personalities who have worked with her have spoken of her talent and her defining roles. Feige thus put forward his “vision” both as an actress and producer, and hinted that after eleven years of collaboration around the character of Black Widow (arrived at the cinema in 2010 in Iron man 2), they would soon meet for “a top secret Marvel project”. He does not say more, except that it will have no connection with the super agent of SHIELD, specifies Deadline, which recounts the evening in detail.

“Scarlett has put her talent and star power at the heart of the MCU for over a decade,” explained the producer on the stage of the Beverly Hills Hotel where this awards ceremony was taking place. I am extremely grateful that she chose to play a key role with us for so long. ” No tension within the studio was discussed during this honorary event, nor the complaint filed a few months ago. Another Marvel figure, Jon Favreau, the director of the first two Iron man and the interpreter of Happy Hogan in the saga, also spoke to talk about his happiness to work with his “good friend” Scarlett : “She’s smart and funny, and it’s no coincidence that some people find themselves collaborating over and over again. Everyone who has worked with Scarlett want working again with Scarlett. She is invested and always guided by her passion to know which project to shoot next. “

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Several prominent figures in Scarlett Johansson’s career and private life (like her brothers Hunter and Adrian) have spoken about the actress’ career, not just from Marvel, although the studio was well represented. Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye), for example, intervened to express his happiness at having worked alongside him, explaining that he was following “already her career long before meeting her” and that he was proud to have rubbed shoulders with “such a beautiful and strong personality”. A final tribute was finally paid to the actress from several key figures of the MCU, who had recorded a video to greet her: Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), Chris Evans (Captain America), Samuel L. Jackson ( Nick Fury) and Sam Rockwell (Justin Hammer). With a lot of second degree on the side of Downey Jr. and Rockwell, the former explaining: “It’s Hollywood, we love to send fuckers of flowers between us” and the second joking about their collaboration on another project, the comedy about the Nazis by Taika Waititi: “My balls have stopped bleeding since Jojo rabbit… I will never be able to have children, of course. But who needs children? I’m sorry not to be there, it was my shrink who told me that it would make me regress! “ Scar-Jo could however count his interpreter of Steve Roger to put a little serious in all that … or almost: “With Scarlett, we shot our first movie together 20 years ago (he talks about Perfect Notes, released in 2004, editor’s note), and we’ve shot eight more since, she’s really like my big sister. Not because she shares her wisdom with me, but because I know how to annoy her like no one else in the world. “

Scarlett Johansson then took the floor to thank everyone, colleagues and loved ones: “Thank you for taking the time to talk about all of this and making me feel very shy and embarrassed now.” She especially thanked her mom Melanie Sloan (“my own film library!”) which made him love cinema and made him want to shoot films from his childhood.

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