Kevin Hart talks about cancel culture, which he considers shameful

Kevin hart

“Last I heard, the only way to grow up is to screw up.”

Comedian and actor Kevin Hart has spoken on the vsancel culture, which aims to publicly denounce a person who has taken actions or made comments deemed to be problematic, in order to exclude him. The 41-year-old actor has not mince words about this phenomenon which is taking up more and more space, and which he knows all too well.

In 2019, Hart was scheduled to host the 91st Academy Awards, but old controversial tweets and jokes resurfaced at that time, forcing him to step down as presenter and host. For those “insensitive words” he apologized. But late. Asked by the Sunday Times on the occasion of the release of his new film on Netflix, Fatherhood, the actor does not have the tongue in his pocket, and returned to his definition of cancel culture, which he considers an attack on freedom in comedy: [de nombreux humoristes] se feel censored and are afraid that what they say will come back to bite their ass “.

What the actor does not accept is that these tweets or errors are associated with a period that no longer represents him: “If some people want to find old tweets, go ahead. There’s nothing I can do. You’re just watching a younger version of me. An actor who tries to be funny, and who fails. Apologies have been made … And now I understand how it works. I look into the past and wince. And that’s what I call growing up. “

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Always at Sunday Times, he adds : “Personally, I don’t care about cancel culture. If someone has done something really inappropriate, there must be consequences. But when someone allows themselves to say “Someone said! They must be excluded!” Shut up ! What are you talking about ? When have we come to a point where life is supposed to be perfect? Where do people always behave perfectly? I do not understand. And I don’t expect that from my children, my wife, my friends, my employees. Because the last I heard, the only way to grow up is to screw up. I don’t know a kid who hasn’t fucked up. “

Regarding his old tweets, Hart claims to have “never been disturbed” by the fact that these controversial words are resurfacing right now, and that some are trying to exclude it. “If you wait for it to have an effect on you, it will. But that’s not how I operate. I understand that people are human. Anyone can change.” Hart therefore sees this more as a lesson: “It’s like jail. People are locked up to be taught a lesson. And when they get out, they’re supposed to behave better. But if they get out and around they are told “I am not giving you a job, you were in prison” so what good is it that i went to jail? Yet it was my punishment. How can we not give these people a chance again? ”So they must tell themselves that their life is over because of some mistake? […] Who are you to make this decision? “

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