Kid Cudi joins Joel Kinnaman in the cast of John Woo’s silent thriller Silent Night

It will be the director’s first American film since 2003.

Singer, rapper and actor Scott Mescudibetter known as Kid Cudirecently signed to star in silent nightthe next thriller from John Woo. The story is basic: Godlock (Joel Kinnaman), an uneventful father goes into the underworld to avenge the death of his young son, killed during a gang war on the eve of the holiday season. Its originality is in the dialogues: there is none!

The Ohio rapper has recently proven himself as an actor: he notably starred in Don’t Look Upnominated for an Oscar, in season 3 of the series Westworld and has the role of Richard Poythress in the miniseries of Luca Guadagnino (Call Me by Your Name) We Are Who We Are. And it’s not the only hat he wants to wear in the world of the seventh art: Cudi is directing a film for Netflix, Teddyproduced among others by the rapper and businessman Jay Z. When announcing the project, he said: It’s a story I started writing in 2013 because I always wanted to write my own movie. I thought ‘shit’ to myself and started doing it. It’s like taking the song ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ and writing a movie about it “.

John Woo returns to Hollywood with a silent action movie!

The film is currently filming in Mexico City. Not all actors have been cast, but on the list are already Harold Torres and Catalina Sandino Moreno. silent night is the director’s first American film of the past 20 years, the last being Paycheckin 2003, with Ben Affleck. Recently invited to the International Film Festival in Hawaii, Whoa said he regretted that the monopoly in cinemas was taken by Marvel films, explaining that younger people could ” getting lost in cinematic knowledge », so obsessed are they with superhero films.

We Are Who We Are: Series Finale Trailer by Luca Guadagnino

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