Killing Eve: the end of the series explained

Killing Eve season 4

The showrunner of season 4 provides after-sales service, to help us digest this not really successful conclusion.

After four checkered seasons, Killing Eve ended yesterday (in France on MyCanal), after a final episode that ticked all the boxes. Spoiler alert!

A rather failed finale, let’s say it frankly, which is content to end the series in the expected way: Eve and Villanelle mend their ways, finally give in to their impulses and this attraction teased since episode 1, to better unite their forces and embark on an ultimate mission to take down the Twelve. Who are they ? What do they want? We will never know, of course. Villanelle murders them without further ado, while her new girlfriend waits for her on the other side of the door. The Twelve are dead. Eve and Villanelle exchange a tender kiss… But no happy ending, of course. The killer is shot by a sniper. She sinks into the Thames to Eve’s chagrin. End.

“We mentioned, at one point, the idea of ​​having a happy ending, but we never really managed to imagine them like that.“, answers the showrunner of season 4 of Killing EveLaura Neal, in TVLine. “We couldn’t imagine a world where Eve and Villanelle would live in some form of domestic bliss. We came to the conclusion that they were meant for something a little more explosive. And that’s what’s happening.”

At one point there was talk of Eve dying, instead of Villanelle, but that “just didn’t seem very authentic. It didn’t suit us. We wanted this rebirth for Eve, that she be allowed to move on and forge a new life, after all that Villanelle gave her. And it also seemed right for Villanelle’s story to end like this. He is someone who forged his death and his destruction. She likes it. We see it when she kills the Twelve by the way. It is his place. But hey, in my head, it’s a happy ending for Villanelle in so many ways, because she gets what she wants, which is to show Eve that she’s changed. . She does all of this for herself, which allows Eve to continue living her life. It’s a huge thing for Villanelle, and I think she ends up triumphant (…) I feel like she doesn’t really die.” assures the screenwriter who sees in this finale a biblical reference, in connection with the start of season 4: “She rises to something else…”

Is. But who ordered Villanelle’s death and why? We understand that Carolyn followed the massacre of the Twelve from a good distance. Then she had the killer shot. By who ? “VSIt’s not important” replies Laura Neal, who reveals that it’s “just someone with a gun, a sniper hiding on Tower Bridge…” It’s not Pam, confirms Laura Neal, assuring that she understood “that she was not made for this world”.

It remains to be seen why Carolyn gave the order: “It was about ending Carolyn’s story the way it started. Carolyn wants to have that power. She’s the one who brought Eve and Villanelle together, and now she’s the one who’s going to tear them apart for good. I think there’s something very Carolyn about deciding to do this. But also, I guess more concretely, it’s the solution she found to redeem her ticket to MI6 “Winning back her crown. She’s someone who needs that status and she’s ending the series with her status regained. In some ways, it’s a cyclical journey for her, but I think she had to win. And to In the end, you could say Carolyn won.”

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