Kimi: Steven Soderbergh signs an elegant new thriller with Zoë Kravitz [critique]

Soderbergh packs a techno-claustro thriller with the energy of a newbie and the savvy of a top pro. Very small film, perhaps, but immense pleasure.

Available in the US on HBO, KimiSteven Soderbergh’s new film, is released in France this Thursday, March 10 on VOD (notably on Première Max). Our review:

Steven Soderbergh does not lose the rhythm. While most of his colleagues are completely confused by the streaming revolution, he has never seemed so fulfilled since he has been doing “micro” films for Netflix or HBO Max. This man was made for platforms. There has always been a telegrapher (it’s not a bad word) that slumbered in him. He worked in great form, of course, but his major opuses are almost always the “smaller” ones – collected, concise, thought out like haikus. After The Great Crossing (Meryl Streep and her friends are in a boat) and No sudden move (Don Cheadle and his buddies are in a braquo), here Kimi, his third film in 15 months (!). Zoë Kravitz plays an agoraphobic computer scientist, who never leaves her loft in Seattle, where she analyzes the data streams of a voice-activated server named Kimi (a little sister of Siri), in order to improve the performance of artificial intelligence. Her over-ordered life goes haywire when she stumbles upon an audio clue to a crime and tries to track it down… Soderbergh dives into her cloistered and paranoid thriller credentials (secret talk, Alone in the night…) in our ultra-connected and ultra-confined world, which he depicts in a heady mix of tech-savvy voyeurism, artisanal trickery and laconic elegance. 1h29 on the clock, an unstoppable tempo, the right songs at the right time, and that’s it, it’s over. Can’t wait for the next one. A priori, it should land in less than six months.

Of Steven Soderbergh. With Zoe Kravitz, Betsy Brantley, Rita Wilson… Duration 1h29

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