King: David Moreau’s new film has its trailer [vidéo]

With Gérard Darmon, Lou Lambrecht, Léo Lorleac’h, Thibault de Montalembert, Clémentine Baert and Artus in the cast.

Five years after his adaptation of the youth comic book Alone, released in 2016 and which was a real revival for French fantasy cinema aimed at teenagers, David Moreau returns to the cinema with King, his new film, post-production and part of the shooting of which were provided by Antonen Sanier (his cinematographer) after a complaint was filed against the director.

In this feature film, King is a lion cub destined for trafficking, who escapes from the airport where he is taken and takes refuge in the house of Inès, 12 years old and Alex, 15. The brother and sister have then the crazy idea of ​​bringing him home to Africa. But tracking down customs officials does not make their lives easier. When Max, their whimsical grandfather whom they have only seen twice in their life, joins the adventure, anything becomes possible …

To play this fine team, Moreau directed Gerard Darmon in the role of Max, Lou lambrecht for Inès, Leo Lorleac’h in the shoes of Alex. The rest of the story is conducted by Thibault de Montalembert, Clementine Baert and Artus.

And while waiting for its national release, dated for next February 16, King is already revealed in a first trailer:

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