King’s Man: Mission One, The Ultimate Trailer

The prequel to the humorous spy saga hits theaters on December 29.

After the success of the first two parts of the saga Kingsman, Matthew vaughn offers in December a prequel to the adventures of Eggsy, started in 2014, on the creation of the spy agency Kingsman. It takes place on the eve of the First World War, as the worst tyrants and the greatest criminal geniuses in history come together to plan the elimination of millions of innocent people. In front of them, a man sets off in a race against time to thwart their plans.

The hero of this film is embodied by Ralph fiennes, who shares the screen with Gemma Arterton, Djimon Hounsou, Rhys Ifans, Stanley Tucci, Charles Dance and Daniel Brühl. His character will have to deal with plenty of villains, including the three main Gavrilo Princip, Mata Hari and Rasputin, were featured in the ultimate trailer for King’s Man: First Mission.

Matthew Vaughn: “The King’s Man is an epic adventure film”

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