Kingsman 3: filming is set to begin soon

Eggsy (Taron Egerton) must return in the saga.

Good news for the fans: Eggsy and Harry from Kingsman Agency are ready to return to service!

Whereas Matthew vaughn getting ready to present the prequel The King’s Man: First Mission of the saga started in 2014, in the cinema at the end of the month, the director does not stop there and should soon start shooting a third film Kingsman, with headlining Taron Egerton and Colin firth as Eggsy and Harry, the agency’s hellish duo.

The King’s Man: a new video that says a lot about the Kingsman legacy

A rather complex chronology, since after a trip in time at the dawn of the First World War, Matthew Vaughn returns to the present time for his new film, which should put an end to the adventures of Eggsy and Harry. The content of the plot and the rest of the cast are not yet known, but filming is expected to start in September 2022.

In the meantime, fans can discover the origins of the Kingsman in The King’s Man: First Mission, a “epic adventure film” according to its director, and who introduces Ralph fiennes, Gemma Atterton and Djimon hounsou in the world of the British Secret Service. To see in theaters from December 29:

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