Kingsman: The Golden Circle is even better than the first Kingsman [critique]

Kingsman: The Golden Circle
20th Century Fox

By freeing himself from the need to surprise, Matthew Vaughn only delivers kif with Kingsman 2. And it’s all good.

Kingsman 2 will be broadcast this evening on TF1. When it was released in October 2017, the film had a lot of fun in the writing of First (more … than his prequel which is currently in theaters, anyway!). Here is our review.

What all of the films of Matthew vaughn ? They are aging badly. Take the test. Review, for example, Kick-Ass with someone who has never seen it before, and all your pleasure will come from that person’s reactions; because stripped of its effects of surprise and therefore of its energy, Kick-Ass -and, therefore, the film of Vaughn, of Layer Cake at Stardust Passing by X-Men The Beginning– does not support each additional vision. Kingsman first of the name operating at the same energy as Kick-Ass (the comic, violent and trash effect of surprise applied to a genre), and seen the carnage Kick-Ass 2, how does a Kingsman 2 could strike lightning in the same spot? Answer: by canceling the game of surprise with the spectator. From the opening sequence, a scene of a hard fight, Kingsman: The Golden Circle will only seek to please. Kingsman stays true to his James Bond style Roger Moore period trash version but frees himself from his pseudo-need to surprise and be the dirty kid. And Vaughn reframes himself, makes films, through perfectly enjoyable fights, choreographed Hong Kong style by Guillermo Grispo (300, Wonder woman…).

Matthew Vaughn: “Believe it or not, I don’t like violent movies”

Each sequence is thus seen as an overexciting vignette, and in fact, the film is not a scenario film (oh well) but a film of characters: of their movement that they imprint on the film, of the trajectories that they launch, both in the fighting scenes and in the introduction (the arrival of Julianne Moore, perfect with his “homemade hamburger”). And speaking of characters, if Taron Egerton is impeccable having finally found its performance (the chav in a suit), it is Pedro Pascal (Narcos) the real star of the film: extraordinary action man with an electric lasso endowed with a charisma worthy of a Burt reynolds 2.0. Just for him (he eats easily Channing Tatum came to say hello), we bet that Kingsman: The Golden Circle , much superior to the first opus, will age very well. We already want to see him again, by the way.

Trailer of Kingsman: The Golden Circle :

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