Kit Harington in therapy because of Game of Thrones: “I’m glad I took a break”

GOT Kit Harington

The actor discusses his “mental health issues, which are directly related to the nature of the show.”

The immense success and attention generated by Game Of Thrones can sometimes reach the actors. This is the case of Kit Harington, who explained in April 2019 that everything that happened around his character, at the time of the launch of season 6, had a negative impact on his mental health.

For the record, Jon Snow was left for dead at the end of season 5, before being resuscitated at the start of season 6. “There is something terrifying about all the attention that comes to you when you become the cliffhanger of a TV show, and even more so of a series at the height of its power.“, then explained the actor at Variety. “You have people shouting at you in the street, yelling at you, ‘Are you dead?’ And at the same time, you have to do like … All of your neuroses – and I’m as neurotic as any actor – are magnified with that extreme level of attention. “

Kit Harington in rehab because of the end of Game of Thrones

To the extent that Kit Harington felt the need to go see: “It wasn’t a very good time in my life. I felt I must feel about being the luckiest person in the world, when in fact, I felt very vulnerable. As it is. case for a lot of people in their twenties. It was from there that I started doing therapy, talking to people. I didn’t feel safe at all and I didn’t talk to anyone at that time. time … I had to be very grateful for what I had, but I was terribly worried about the very idea of ​​playing! “

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Interviewed on the same subject by The Jess Cagle Show (relayed by Deadline) two years later, the 34-year-old actor assures us that he is doing better, and that in addition to this therapy, it is above all the fact of taking a long break in his acting profession that has allowed him to refocus on himself, and to heal. “I went through… I had some mental health issues, at the end of Game of Thrones, and then after it aired, to be honest. And I believe they were directly related to the nature of the show, and what I had to do for years. So I took a break, I came to terms with not wanting to work for a year. I really needed to focus on myself. A now, I’m glad I did. Since it’s over, part of my journey has been to become proud of the show, not trying to escape it. to the character that I was playing, but to take it as a whole and take pride in it. “

In a relationship with Leslie Rose, whom he met on the set of the series, he also explains how Game Of Thrones had a significant impact on his personal life: “My child is directly related to GoT. And I still have some very, very good friends from this show.”

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