Knives Out: How his online harassment for Star Wars 8 inspired Rian Johnson

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At Knives Out Rian Johnson
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The hatred of social networks gave birth to a character in this investigative film.

Released at the end of 2019 at the cinema, Knives Out arrives this weekend in clear on France 2 (while waiting for its sequels on Netflix). The filmmaker has recently made a real leap between genres in his filmography, moving from large-budget space-opera to more intimate thriller. Coming back from a galaxy far, far away, Rian johnson had received a mixed critical reception for the eighth episode of Star wars, The Last Jedi. Internet obliges, some fans were not satisfied to disavow the film, deciding to directly pour their hatred on the social networks.

A bit like Jacob Thrombey, a character in Knives Out and played by Jaeden Martell already seen in Andy Muschietti’s films, It 1 and 2, and this time enjoying posting killer tweets. The young man claims to belong to the alt-right, part of the American extreme right promoting a “absolute freedom of expression” allowing in particular calls to hatred and racism.

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To all who are using Twitter right now, be blessed, “announced the director during the summer of 2020, in comments relayed by Deadline. “Because these are rough waters, but there are also wonderful things happening there. I guess that’s why we always use this medium. The culture of continuous flow on the Internet is also one of the subjects ofKnives Out. Whether you make a movie Star wars or a cooking show, or whatever, there’s always going to be someone yelling at you. So why not talk about it in a feature film, just to have a good laugh?

Because the investigative film, although inspired by the novels of Agatha Christie, takes place in the 21st century: “What we tried – and did – was to create a contemporary story. For me, that didn’t just mean adding cellphones, modern cars, and today’s music. It also meant being in 2019, and bringing together slightly caricatured characters of Agatha Christie with people of our time, for better and for worse.

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An era also involving evoking the current politics of the United States, as the director explained in an interview available in the magazine First November 2019: “Honestly, today, the question that arises for all cultural players is: how to talk about America and what is happening there? We can’t evacuate the world we live in, but it shouldn’t interfere with the effectiveness of the film, just that it be an additional frame.

Knives Out can count on a prestigious cast, in particular composed of Daniel Craig in the role of detective Benoît Blanc, Chris evans recent Avengers: Endgame, Ana de Armas of Blade Runner 2049, Michael shannon of The Shape of Water, Lakeith stanfield from the Serie Atlanta or Toni Collette ofHeredity.

Here is his trailer:

Rian Johnson responds to fans pissed off by Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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