Kristen Stewart can’t wait to direct her first film, Fluid Mechanics

Kristen Stewart can't wait to direct her first film, Fluid Mechanics
Abaca Denoel

“We just found the lead role, which is a huge relief.”

variety publishes these days interviews between actors who marked the year 2021. Kristen Stewart, acclaimed for spencer, thus discusses with Nicole Kidman, who is on the poster of Being the Ricardos, on Amazon Prime Video. The first takes advantage of this interview to recall her desire to go behind the camera: after have directed a music video and a short film, she is about to adapt Fluid Mechanics/The Chronology of Water, his first feature. She reveals, without quoting her, that she has just found the main actress of her film, which will be taken from the memoirs of the American author Lidia Yuknavitch, a work published in 2011 where she recounts her chaotic journey in a raw way.

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“I’m adapting the memoir of an American novelist named Lidia Yuknavitch, and we just got the lead role, which is a huge relief, explains Stewart. I was alone to prepare this, and it feels good to be able to offer it to someone, to a friend and partner, to whom I can ask: ‘Help me.’ Because it is she who will have to play, and it will be hard. I am glad. I talked to someone very rich about it two days ago, and she seemed very excited to produce this project, but I would like it to remain a small film. I believe this is the best way to adapt it. I’m gonna have to throw a girl in the freezing water, and I already feel bad for her. It is such a great request to invite someone to play such a role. I’m sure you would love this book. The writing is very direct, physical, full of feminine rage.”

In 2018, Kristen Stewart announced to be attached to the production of Fluid Mechanics by already being particularly enthusiastic: “I have it in my skin. I knew it even before meeting her. As soon as we saw each other, it was as if we were both embarking on a race, but without the competition aspect. My The only goal is to finish the script and hire a phenomenal actress. I want to write the best female role possible, f***. A role that I would really want to play, but that I will not play.”

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Here is the summary of Fluid Mechanics, published in French by Denoël: A swimmer since her childhood and hope for the Olympic Games, Lidia tries at all costs to escape an unhealthy and oppressive family universe, between an alcoholic father and a depressed mother.
She accepts a sports scholarship to enter a university in Texas, but is also expelled for drug and alcohol consumption.
Lidia then decides to participate in the writing project of Ken Kesey, cult author of Theft over the Cuckoo’s Nest, because, she is convinced, writing is her vocation.
Fluid Mechanics is not a story of addiction, abuse and perdition: it is the relentless triumph of the power of words and writing.
A punchy novel about resilience, in which the autobiographical story is magnified by original and powerful writing.

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