Krypto and the Super Animals to the Rescue of Superman: Trailer

Super-Man’s super-dog and his league of super-animals hit the big screen

The DC Animated Movie Krypto and the Super Animals will be visible this summer in cinemas, from July 27. We find Krypto, Superman’s super-dog and his team of super-animals made up of: Ace the German shepherd, PG the paunchy pig, Merton the turtle and Chip the squirrel. All endowed with superpowers, they will help Krypto save his master, kidnapped by Lex Luthor and his evil guinea pig Lulu.

The new trailer right here:

If it is not the most anticipated DC film by all, the voice cast is still great. The hero of the film is dubbed in the original version by Dwayne JohnsonSuperman by John KrasinskyBatman by Keanu Reevesand Lex Luthor by Marc Maron. There will also be Kevin Hart, Ben Schwartz and Diego Luna.

Jared Stern signs his first animated film as a director. He had already contributed to the franchise Lego Movies, of which he was the screenwriter. A new way to animate Krypto the super-dog, which had already had a series in 2 seasons in the 2000s and which had allowed the youngest to discover the DC universe.

Keanu Reeves is the new Batman, but for the youngest

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