La Casa de Papel: we talked about the 7th art with Helsinki

Darko Peric La casa de papel

Serbian actor Darko Perić tells us about his passion for New Wave cinema and … Michel Piccoli!

We can be the brutal hero of Netflix’s biggest action series, and prefer Michel Piccoli to Rambo. As he returns to play the big guns in season 5 of La Casa de Papel (since Friday on Netflix), Darko Perić told Première about her true passion: the 7th art.

Far from the big-budget Netflix series and productions, the Serbian actor tells us, in French in the text, his love for cinema and especially cinema before the 1980s, the one where it was necessary first and foremost to show oneself “creative”. Besides, his favorite film is none other than Beautiful day, with Catherine Deneuve. And among his favorite actors, he cites a certain Michel Piccoli, whom he adored in the little-known anarchist and protest film, Themroc (1973), by Claude Faraldo … Yes, Helsinki is a real cinephile, who would have believed it!

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