LA Confidential: Warner Bros. turned down a sequel with Russell Crowe and Chadwick Boseman

A new story co-written by James Ellroy himself, and with the original cast returning … but the studio said no.

Yes, we almost saw LA Confidential 2 on our screens! In 1997, Curtis Hanson made a neo-noir film that marked the 1990s and the approach to the genre. Twenty-five years later LA Confidential remains a model often copied, never equaled. And the co-writer Brian Helgeland, crowned with the Oscar for best adapted screenplay, tells this month in a interview with The Ringer, that a sequel almost saw the light of day, not long ago. But she was rejected by Warner Bros …

“A few years ago, the Oscar-winning filmmaker Brian Helgeland went to see Warner Bros. with what looked like the pitch of a dynamite film: a sequel to LA Confidential. Helgeland had already assembled a leading cast, including the stars of the first installment: Russell crowe and Guy Pearce, next to Chadwick boseman, who was to play a young policeman. He had developed a new story with James ellroy, the novelist who signed the original book. A sequel that was to take place in the mid-1970s “, tells The Ringer.

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In the process, Helgeland specifies: “We had everything sorted out. Everything was ready. It was great. And Warner Bros. has refused.

An astonishing revelation, knowing that the famous novelist James ellroy was directly involved in the development. But certainly the cost / benefit ratio was too low for the studio. It should be remembered that, if LA Confidential has become cult over the years (and its 9 Oscar nominations), in 1997, its box office success was all relative, with $ 126 million worldwide for a production budget of $ 35 million.

As a reminder, Warner Bros. TV attempted to make a TV series derived from LA Confidential. A pilot had even been shot. But it was ultimately thrown in the trash in 2018.

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