La Môme: Marion Cotillard’s passport to Hollywood

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La Môme: Marion Cotillard's passport to Hollywood
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A pivotal role in Marion Cotillard’s career, La Môme marked as much her consecration in France as her entry into the big leagues in Hollywood.

Arte will dedicate this Sunday evening to the most famous French singer around the world: Edith Piaf. Released in theaters in 2007, The kid ofOlivier Dahan looks back on life, the rise to fame but also the cracks of a great lady of French song but also of a complex woman in her relationships. The film will be followed by a documentary entitled Edith Piaf: without love one is nothing at all.

To embody it, Dahan immediately turns to Marion Cotillard, who after years of making a name for herself in popular cinema (after being revealed by Taxi), two years earlier won the César Award for Best Supporting Actress for A long engagement Sunday. A choice at the time which made sense for Olivier Dahan, who declared on this subject to the Journal de Montréal: “Despite being taller and much prettier, Marion has eyes that reminded me of Piaf’s when she was very young. But beyond that, I had seen Marion act in a few films and her work had impressed me. I saw in her a tragic side that I was looking for the roleCotillard is finally selected for the role while TF1, which distributes the film, preferred him at the time Audrey Tautou.

After a complicated production, in particular due to a tight budget compared to the initial forecasts, The kid has enjoyed unquestionable success in France, driven by the most favorable critical reception. With over 5.2 million admissions, the film is a triumph and rave reviews are mounting to highlight the ability that Marion Cotillard to disappear behind his character. Two years the film Jean-Pierre Jeunet, the actress will rebel at the César by winning the César for best actress. A fate already in itself fabulous, but France was far from being the only one to be enthusiastic about The kid.

America’s favorite

The film goes under the radar on the Hollywood side very early on, mainly because of its subject matter. At the height of its popularity, Edith Piaf was known all the way to the United States, where her concerts at Carnegie Hall in New York were sold out. In addition, the name of Marion Cotillard is not totally unknown to American moviegoers, who had already seen her in Big fish of Tim burton Where A great year of Ridley scott. Even before its preview at the Berlinale in February 2007, it was the small Picturehouse studio that won the rights to exploit the film in the United States.

If in France, the press salutes the film ofOlivier Dahan as a whole, in the United States, it is the provision of Marion Cotillard which is mainly brought to light. Upon its theatrical release, the film, renamed Life in pink named after one of his most famous songs, resonates with American audiences. The film thus becomes the third biggest success for a French film distributed in the United States since 1980, collecting more than ten million dollars of receipts (only the fabulous destiny of Amelie Poulain and The Pact of the Wolves had done better at the time).

A historic grand slam

The rewards will eventually start to rain all over the place to reward the interpretation of Marion Cotillard. She won in quick succession the Golden Globe, then the BAFTA for best actress. On February 24, 2008, she beat her competitors Cate Blanchett (Elizabeth, the golden age), Julie christie (Far from her), Laura Linney (The Savage family) and Elliot Page (Juno) to become the first actress in history (and the only one still to this day) to accumulate Golden Globe, BAFTA, Oscar and César for best actress.

My cult scene from La Môme, by Olivier Dahan

It is therefore thanks to a French film that Marion Cotillard enters the heart of Hollywood cinema. The actress does not stop from then on filming on the other side of the Atlantic (without completely abandoning French cinema). And not with just anyone since since the great adventure of The kid, we could see her at Michael mann (Public Enemies), Rob marshall (Nine), Woody allen (Midnight in Paris), Steven soderbergh (Contagion) and James gray (The Immigrant), without forgetting its double appearance at Christopher Nolan in Inception and The Dark Knight Rises.

Suffice to say an already full Hollywood CV, to which we must add a brief appearance in the battle of All-Star journalists of Living legends, Following Featured presenter ofAdam mckay, a video game adaptation, Assassin’s Creed of Justin kurzel (for which we have already seen it at the cinema in MacBeth), again alongside Michael fassbender, or a role facing Brad pitt at the house of Robert zemeckis in Allies. Suffice to say that no, definitely, Marion Cotillard do not regret anything …

The story of The kid : From her childhood to glory, from her victories to her injuries, from Belleville to New York, the exceptional career of Edith Piaf. Through a fate more incredible than a novel, discover the soul of an artist and the heart of a woman. Intimate, intense, fragile and indestructible, devoted to her art to the point of sacrifice, here is the most immortal of singers …

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Marion Cotillard looks back on her death in Batman

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