La Nurée: elegant and efficient genre cinema made in France [critique]

A disturbing fantasy film with horny grasshoppers that marks Just Philippot’s successful debut in the feature film.

In Little peasant, we saw a farmer at the end of the roll trying to stash the corpse of one of his cows at the bottom of the garden to save appearances of his farm. In The Cloud, the sacrificial quest is even more complete, since Virginie (Suliane Brahim) does not hesitate to donate her blood to feed her grasshoppers suddenly excited like vampires. She too can not take it any longer, her scarified body covered with insects is not an offering and her gestures do not respond to any ritual. Only despair guides his restless conscience. The debts accumulate as quickly as its production decreases in a kind of infernal and implacable logic. As in David Cronenberg, the attacked and injured carnal envelope recalls the fragility of a human species perpetually soiled by itself (the “poor” grasshoppers have no Machiavellian instinct, only the hand of man has disturbed them. ).

If it is true that every (good) genre film carries with it a political discourse, then The Cloud sounds like a cry of alarm. Just Philippot, whose first feature film is, leads his boat with intelligence, knowing how to raise the pressure without revealing his cards too much (magic of concealment). And if he plays with certain accepted figures of American bis cinema and sacrifices the secondary characters, it is to better film the damage of a devastating paranoia. A tortuous path which leads to a very beautiful end.

By Just Philippot. With Suliane Brahim, Sofian Khammes, Marie Narbonne … Duration: 1h41. Released on June 16, 2021

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