La Petite bande: pre-teens rebel in the Pierre Salvadori trailer

A humorous comedy about ecology and friendship.

Pierre Salvadorithe director ofFreely ! come back this summer The Little Band, where he plays a group of pre-teens who want to commit, on their own scale, to ecology. Cat, Fouad, Sami and Antoine are twelve years old. Aimé has ten. Out of pride and provocation, they decide one day to set fire to the factory that is polluting their river. Both excited and distraught, they then embark on a funny and uncertain adventure during which they will learn to live and fight together.

The trailer right here:

In the casting, we find Paul Belhoste, Dove Schmidt and Redwan Sellam in their first roleMathys Clodion-Gines (go play outside), Ayme Medeville (Pompeii), and Laurent Capelluto (Infinity). The film will be available in theaters from July 20.

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