La Ritournelle is a fair and invigorating assessment of life [critique]

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Isabelle Huppert and Jean-Pierre Darroussin are in the spotlight on Arte this evening.

Arte will program La Ritournelle at 9:05 p.m. When it was released in 2014, this dramatic comedy by Marc Fitoussi (Copacabana, Pauline Detective) had charmed First, in particular thanks to its perfect cast.

The story ? Brigitte and Xavier are cattle breeders in Normandy. She is a dreamer, her head in the stars. He, his feet anchored in the earth, lives above all for his profession. With the departure of the children, the routine of their couple weighs more and more on Brigitte. One day, on a whim, she takes the key to the fields. Destination: Paris. Xavier then realizes that he may be losing her. Will they manage to find each other? And how can you reinvent yourself after all these years? The reconquest sometimes takes side roads …

Here is our review: If their hands are still joined, it is to brush and prepare Ben-Hur, the competition ox who will allow them to win a new trophy. These two have been working together since the dawn of time, they studied at the same high school. A cousins ​​party in the neighboring house, the velvet eye of a Stan who is the age of his son and here is Brigitte in full madness. Under the pretext of consulting a dermatologist (one more) to treat her invasive eczema, she goes to Paris … Going from rooster to donkey, the film branches off from a farm in Normandy into a Parisian palace, from a mad madness at a real meeting, from documentary (it opens with a veritably gripping calving) to fable (meeting an elegant guy called Jesper, it’s unexpected when you no longer know where you are). What is beautiful in this Ritournelle are the successive shifts in the story, nicely brought about and totally assumed by the staging. And of a central female character embodied by an unexpected Isabelle Huppert, the film pays for itself the luxury of expanding to the couple thanks to the solid presence and the constantly discreet but intense playing of Jean-Pierre Darroussin. The supporting characters are beautifully written and embodied. Special mention to Michael Nyqvist (the amazing Mikael Blomkvist from Millennium) and to the farm boy played by the excellent Jean-Charles Clichet (Love situation: it’s complicated). A little proactive, at its end, La Ritournelle is a revisited remarriage comedy and a fair and invigorating life assessment.

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