Laetitia Dosch: Mad love

The heroine of Young Woman brilliantly embodies in Passion simple a woman carried away by a devouring love story. Just like the actress she is: intense, enthusiastic and talkative.

She is one of those actresses who never leave a film in the state it was in before it burst into it. With an energy and a playing power that reflects on his partners without ever crushing them. Last May, without this damn virus that brought the planet to a halt, Laetitia Dosch should have shone on the Croisette with Simple passion, Danielle Arbid’s adaptation of the amorous passion experienced and described by Annie Ernaux with a married man in her famous book. But whatever ! The film exists and we can admire at the start of 2021 all that she brought to this role for which the director has long sought her interpreter. ” Danielle decided to show the love scenes that Annie Ernaux did not describe in her book. She wanted there to be a lot and that they are all different to show the evolving relationship between this couple who can only be seen in bed. And so make the passion feel like the lack. Many actresses declined. Laetitia Dosch dived there with passion. ” I thought it was wonderful that a filmmaker tackles these physical scenes with such precision, rarely well treated in the cinema. Exposing your body is however putting yourself in danger, in the face of your complexes. So it was a challenge for me but I threw myself into it because I found the story essential. But when I play a character, I don’t just do my job, I also say something intimate about myself. And this role of a woman who, in this apparent dependence, rediscovers her body and her desire fascinated me. She is also amused that he is against the feminism of our time. ” It’s obviously great that there are strong women in the cinema who don’t give a damn about men, but it’s good that we also see the opposite, women who really want to be dependent. . For me, the cinema does not have to be monocolour but must allow the spectator to position himself. “


The ease with which Laetitia Dosch embodies this very physical role owes a lot to the theater, dance and cabaret shows she has performed, often by creating them and directing them herself. But initially, it was the cinema and not the stage that attracted him. ” I wanted to be Meryl Streep, I was so dazzled by what she gives and understands about the human soul. When we see her play, making cinema becomes the most beautiful job in the world. “Except that for a long time, the cinema was refused to her. In any case the roles she wanted to play. But, fortunately, there were encounters. Decisive. ” You can’t be an actress alone at home. It takes someone who looks at you and reveals to you in every sense of the word, including things about you that you never knew “. They are three to have done it. Three directors. Justine Triet with The Battle of Solferino, Léonor Serraille with Young woman and today Danielle Arbid. ” Three different personalities but who have in common a strong relationship to femininity. The recognition that it has gained has its advantages but also its disadvantages. The ones to lock you into jobs. Everything this explosive actress refuses. ” After Young woman, I was only offered the roles of a woman wandering in Paris. And today, after Simple passion, only movies with ass scenes “She launches into a burst of laughter before adding:” it blocks me. Because you want the opposite, to free yourself from the image you have just given. Catherine Deneuve once said quite rightly that waiting is an essential element of the actor’s profession. Me, I stomp often. But, on arrival, I believe that my life has meaning thanks to the roles that I have been able to do. And his desire to change registers was heard. She is currently shooting Irreducible under the direction of Jérôme Commandeur. A general public comedy against a background of ecology where she plays an adventurous researcher who takes care of polar bears. A new stage of a rocket lends itself to many voyages in unknown lands.

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