Lambert Wilson: “For me, The Matrix is ​​a subversive auteur film”

Lambert Wilson: "For me, The Matrix is ​​a subversive auteur film"
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Matrix Reloaded returns tonight on TMC, so let’s dig into our archives …

TMC takes advantage of the theatrical release of Matrix Resurrections to rebroadcast the Wachowski films. Make way for the second opus, Reloaded, at 9.15 p.m. A sequel that notably saw the arrival Lambert Wilson in Merovingian, an important character in this universe, which we also find in the new opus currently on the big screen.

Matrix 4: What happened to the Merovingian (Lambert Wilson)?

In May 2003, while the film created the event at the Cannes film festival, First offered several covers Matrix to its readers, with Keanu Reeves, Jada Pinkett-Smith and Monica Bellucci, Carrie Anne Moss and Laurence Fishburne or Hugo Weaving surrounded by twins Adrian and Neil Rayment. Within the file devoted to the film, Sophie Grassin interviewed Lambert Wilson, who recounted this extraordinary experience: if the Merovingian finally has little screen time in Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions, he had been welcomed for several months on the set, between October and December 2001. Flashback.

Note: the Wachowski sisters started their transition after the filming of the Matrix trilogy, so they are referred to as masculine here.

Matrix: Let’s dive back into the Premiere archives with Keanu Reeves

2000. Lambert Wilson, who, let us remember, started in the dark spectrum with André Téchiné, tests for Matrix Reloaded. “I don’t know an actor who would have hesitated, he pleads. To me, Matrix is a subversive auteur film. It evokes the eventual harvest of the seeds that the American system applies to sowing. Doubles as a mythical story about the Chosen One. Drink from medieval legends. Drains the theses of Schopenhauer. In film classes at American universities, we study Matrix. ” Lambert Wilson states it all at once and suddenly sees himself in front of the Wachowski brothers, when he first meets them. “I very awkwardly launched myself headlong into an attempt at intellectual analysis of their film. They listened to me in silence. I caught a sweat. Thought I had lost all chance. “

He waits four months. Monte Bérénice in Avignon. And learns that he will board the aircraft carrier Matrix Reloaded. An epic with its ten days of catches for one minute of combat. With his absolute paranoia about the possible dispersal of the material. Lambert Wilson will have to accept his role without reading the script. He doesn’t regret it.

“Married to Persephone [Monica Bellucci], Merovingian figure a prince of darkness with occult powers, he explains. It is one of the oldest programs in the Matrix. Believes in determinism, experiences all sensual pleasures but does not feel any feelings. He’s an emotion vampire. “ To set it up, Lambert Wilson thought of the English actresses with whom he worked: Judi Dench and Maggie Smith, “Champions of the world of timing, humor and intelligence of the text”. The adventure was for him formative but difficult. “There is a real sense of hierarchy among Americans. They constantly make you feel where you are on their value scale ”, assures Lambert Wilson. Associated with Monica Bellucci, he did not suffer too much. But we were able to remind him of his status as a Frenchie on Timeline, by Richard Donner, after Michael Chrichton, with whom he followed.

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