Lana Wachowski explains why she resurrected Neo and Trinity

The director launched Matrix 4 for a very personal reason.

A few days after the first trailer for Matrix Resurrections, the director of this sequel, Lana Wachowski, explained at a literary convention in Berlin why she wanted to reunite with Neo and Trinity two decades after the release of the first part. Relayed by Screen Rant, she explains that she made this decision for a very personal reason, following the death of her parents, who died only a few weeks apart. “I couldn’t look to my mom or dad anymore, and suddenly I found Neo and Trinity, who are definitely the two most important characters in my life, she explains. It was immediately heartwarming to have these two characters alive again. It’s very simple, actually. This is what art and stories can do: comfort us. ” Her sister Lilly has on her side refused to participate in this sequel, partly following this same tragedy, she explained in August : “When Lana had this idea for the next one Matrix, we talked about it, of course. We started discussing it in the midst of the death of our parents, first our father, then our mother, who left five weeks apart. There was something about this idea that seemed like a step back to me, I had to go back to something that I had done in the past and it didn’t thrill me. I didn’t want to have made this transition, to have gone through such changes in my life, to be well aware of having lost my parents and to go back to something from the past, to find this road that I had already explored. It didn’t satisfy me emotionally. It was like putting on old shoes, I didn’t want that. “

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Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss are therefore back in the costumes of Neo and Trinity, and while it is not yet clear exactly how their resurrection will be justified in the film, the trailer for Matrix 4 suggests that they will both be at the heart of this sequel, expected at the cinema on December 15.

Here is his trailer:

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