Last Light: an impressive eco-thriller to launch Monte-Carlo (review)

last light

Matthew Fox will make you want to buy an electric car!

As a world premiere, the MGM studio unveils its new big production for the small screen: the mini-series last light showed its first episode to the public of Monte-Carlo, at the opening of the 61st television festival. And the least we can say is that it is particularly fashionable…

David Hasselhoff and the stars of the 61st Monte-Carlo festival put on a show for the opening

Adapted from the novel by Alex Scarrow, this international thriller tells us about a global oil crisis, which starts from the crude extracted in the Arabian Peninsula, to the gas stations of Western Europe. There is something wrong with the fuel our society uses and abuses. From Paris to London, planes crash. Boats break down. Cars catch fire without warning. The British intelligence services are on a war footing to understand who is behind all this, while chaos is not long in invading the streets…

Without beating around the bush, last light highlights our dependence on oil, in a totally assumed eco-thriller, which tells nothing more or less about the end of the world, when black gold comes to abandon us. An economic and social collapse, as well as a general panic that sends shivers down your spine, against a backdrop of radical eco-terrorism.

Matthew FoxLast Light

In this electric post-apo atmosphere, Matthew Fox made a noticeable return to the small screen. The former superstar of Lost, who had completely disappeared from the radar in recent years, recalls that he still has charisma to spare. A few more gray hairs, but still this same disillusioned aura in the face of events that are beyond him.

last light sometimes fishes in a chunky narration and laborious sub-plots that undermine the power of the message. Nevertheless, the staging is effective and the suspense is there. A thriller that will give you cold sweats, while access to fuel has never been so alarming in our daily lives…

Last List will be broadcast on the Peacock platform soon in the USA. No French broadcaster for the moment.

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