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Last Night in Soho

When the English filmmaker Edgar Wright signs a work on the 1960s, a period which nevertheless took place before his birth, this gives a film to very special atmosphere. We follow Eloïse (played by the excellent Thomasin McKenzie), a young girl fascinated by this decade, who will suddenly be transported to the London of the sixties to follow the journey of a certain Sandy (Anya Taylor-Joy, whose can’t take his eyes off). The latter dreams of becoming a famous singer, but their double adventure will gradually turn into a nightmare. If on the bottom, Wright warns us against our own fantasies about a time that we have not lived (his film is “a tart candy with a bitter taste”we wrote in our review when it was released), his virtuoso staging also worth a look.

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Julie (in 12 chapters)

“Basically, there is Amélie Poulain in this Julie, a bit of Ally McBeal too, this laughing impertinence, this fake second degree and this joyful poetry of melancholy which place her next to her two elders in the pantheon. great film-series heroines…” This is how we presented this lovely film by Joachim Trier, carried by the revelation Renate Reinsvediscovering it at the last Cannes Film Festival. “Phenomenal, she brings just the right amount of roughness, spontaneity and vitality to Trier’s delirium. Thanks to Renate Reinsve, because we saw her live, doubt, hope, because we shared her confidences, Julie ends up integrating the lives of the spectators…” You would have understood it, First fell completely in love with this feature film. It’s your turn to let yourself be tempted!

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The Eternals

Do not believe the gossips that immediately elected The Eternals “worst movie in the MCU” because it was trying to differentiate itself from previous Marvel studio productions. On the contrary, Chloé Zhao’s film is interesting precisely because it finally tries something other than the usual recipe. All with an involved cast, from Angelina Jolie to Gemma Chan via Barry Keoghan, Brian Tyree Henry and Kumail Nanjiani.A welcome change of tone in the MCU routine, we wrote when he left. Imperfect, yes, but generous.”

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