Laurent Lafitte does his mea culpa on the César 2021, which he wrote with Marina Fois

Marina Foïs César

The actor admits: “We got too carried away by the mood of the year we had just experienced …”

The least we can say is that the last Caesar Ceremony left no one indifferent. On the scene, Marina Fois drew, and not everyone liked it. In the midst of a health crisis, and while the cinemas were still closed, the actress had pulled out all the stops, on a text she had co-wrote with Blanche Gardin and Laurent Lafitte.

His comrade from Mom or dad returns today in the magazine Paris Match on the controversy which followed this 46th edition of the festival of the French cinema and admits with half-words to have perhaps gone a little far in the sarcasm: “We could have made an evening more consensual, more joyful. And maybe we got too carried away by the mood of the year we had just experienced. We should have resisted more, remained in the entertainment “.

While this Caesar Ceremony was shot from all sides, Laurent Lafitte admits having struggled to collect: “It was violent, brutal. Yes I admit, we were a bit dirty kids! But the whole political side of the evening completely escaped us.

He still maintains that everything was not to be thrown away: “We fought to have an orchestra, to obtain a tribute to Morricone, to Piccoli, to Dabadie, to Carrière, to convince Huppert to hand over the best female hope. All that is us! And nobody does. spoke. We only retained Corinne Masiero naked and pee-poo valves. Everything that was linked to our passion for cinema has been skipped “.

That being said, the 48-year-old actor, who is releasing his first film this fall, The origin of the world, admits being tempted to “refrot“to exercise, one day or another.

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