Le Grand Bain: everyone in the water! [Critique]

Although surrounded by dark ideas, Le Grand Bain is a frenzied feel-good movie.

Update of September 5, 2021: The Great Bath is broadcast for the first time in the clear, Sunday evening on TF1. Here’s the Premiere review posted around the time of the film’s release:

Article from October 23, 2018: The first film directed in solo by Gilles Lellouche was presented almost everywhere as a Full Monty French-style. On paper, in fact, it’s a bit like the idea: a handful of adrift quads get to know each other in a synchronized swimming lesson and decide to compete for the world championships (despite their obvious lack of readiness for this discipline). This will be an opportunity for everyone to settle accounts with existence. Mathieu Amalric will he succeed in regaining the esteem of his wife and children? Will the kind nerdy rocker Jean-Hughes Anglade finally know fame? Etc. The chorus seems known, but Gilles Lellouche was not afraid to weigh down his characters with dark, black, truly desperate affects. Lesson n ° 1 of a good feel-good movie: we will only want to do the ola at the end if the anti-heroes who are agitated in front of us are really in the wet. The characters here are never here a pretext for a all-star cast come and just amuse the gallery. All the actors summoned here have something strong to embody, which systematically functions as a commentary on their persona cinema (Amalric the intellectual, Canet the stuck, Poelvoorde the big mouth…). This film is a steamroller, carried by the obvious sense of rhythm of the ex-clipper Lellouche, who has shielded his film with unifying hits and clippesque vignettes that make you stomp your foot and stick a silly smile on your lips. Popular cinema not stupid, not cutesy, not beauf? It’s true that it makes you feel good.

Frédéric Foubert

The trailer for the Large Bath :

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