Le Mystère Henri Pick – Camille Cottin: “It’s a nice tribute to literature”

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Camille Cottin and Alice Isaaz
Nicolas bellet

Alice Isaaz also tells us about her collaboration with Fabrice Luchini.

By its literary subject and the omnipresence of its main actor in the image, The Mystery Henri Pick of Remi Bezançon is a typical Luchini movie. As long as one is a fan of the most talkative actor of the Place de Paris, he can possibly seduce, if not surprise. But it is undoubtedly mainly thanks to the pair that he forms with Camille Cottin.

The actress of the series Ten percent (where she had moreover as a talent during season 2) indeed succeeds in the feat of standing up to Fabrice Luchini (and sometimes even to steal the limelight) in a duo of investigators in search of a mysterious author, a duo which is not unlike that of the Roll on Sunday by Truffaut. Unfortunately not everyone is Francois Truffaut

Luchini wears Le mystère Henri Pick [critique]

Released at the cinema in March 2019, the adaptation of the eponymous novel by David Foenkinos arrives this Sunday in the clear on television, on France 2. We met the actresses Camille Cottin and Alice Isaaz. Interview.

Camille Cottin: “When he hired me for Stillwater, Tom McCarthy didn’t see Ten percent”

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