Le Temps des Secrets: Christophe Barratier resuscitates the work of Marcel Pagnol [bande-annonce]

The third volume of Marcel Pagnol’s Souvenirs will be released in cinemas in March.

More than thirty years after the release of The glory of my father and My Mother’s Castle in the cinema in 1990, adapted from the works of Marcel Pagnol by yves robert, little Marcel will find his parents. Indeed, Christophe Barratier takes over to complete the quadrilogy of Childhood memories by Marcel Pagnol and announces the forthcoming release of time of secrets At the movie theater. A first trailer has already been released:

Taking place in July 1905, long after the holidays of the first two volumes recounting his childhood, The Time of Secrets begins in Marseilles, during the summer holidays. The young Marcel Pagnol has just completed his primary studies. In three months, he will enter high school. Three months, that’s an eternity when you’re that age. Because it’s vacation time, the real ones, the big ones! Child of the city, this long-awaited return to its dear hills of Aubagne and Allauch, those of The glory of my father and My Mother’s Castle transports him with happiness. There he rediscovers nature, the great outdoors and above all his friend Lili, always ready to share new adventures, at the age when the time of carelessness gives way to that of secrets.

In this adaptation, Christophe Barratier reconnects with the work of Pagnol to offer an image of the beginning of his adolescence, with Leo Campion in the role of Marcel, after Julien Ciamaca in the two films by Yves Robert. Young Leo will be surrounded by Guillaume de Tonquedec in the role of his father and Francois-Xavier Demaison in that of his uncle Jules. Augustine and her sister Rose will be played by Melanie Doutey and Anne Charlier.

Yes The Time of Secrets will benefit from an exceptional release from March 16 in Marseille, in Bouches-Du-Rhône and Vaucluse, Christophe Barratier’s film will be available in the rest of France from March 23. We can already hear the cicadas…

My Father’s Glory, from Marcel Pagnol to Yves Robert

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