LeBron James and Bugs Bunny are Batman & Robin in this preview clip of Space Jam 2

The duo find themselves propelled into Metropolis and the DC universe in this new promo video …

One week before the release of Space Jam 2, Warner Bros. Pictures just uploaded a brand new preview featuring the NBA superstar Lebron james in a new iconic pop culture costume. After that of Matrix, here he is in Robin’s red and green leotard, to his dismay, alongside his sidekick Bugs Bunny who has the honor of being Batman. The duo thus finds themselves propelled into Metropolis and the DC universe.

One more proof that Space Jam: New Era will have false airs of the Ready Player One by Spielberg (2018), playing with a maxium of codes of geek culture and having fun integrating the basketball player in most of the franchises owned by Warner Bros. Cinema release on July 14 in France!

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