Legends of Tomorrow loses a major new member ahead of Season 8

Legends of Tomorrow

“I felt like it was time to let him go…”

Once again, the team of Legends of Tomorrow say goodbye. The season 7 finale, broadcast this week in the USA, saw a member of the DC team left behind… Spoilers alert!

Nick Zano, who plays Nate Heywood (aka Steel), will not be returning in season 8. He is officially leaving the show.

I felt like it was time to let him go. It was kind of a natural moment to say goodbye to this character.”co-showrunner Keto Shimizu confirms to TVLine. “We feel so lucky to have had this wonderful six years to work on this character.”

Nick Zano had joined Legends of Tomorrow at the start of season 2. He appeared in 94 episodes. And in the Season 7 finale, he found himself back in the days of World War I. The mustard gas eroded his steel casing, leaving him without a superpower. So he said a sweet goodbye to the Legends before returning to the totem to live out his life with his girlfriend Zari 1.0.

“Taking his powers away was a natural way to end his adventure. He started the show by gaining this superpower. It was just that he said goodbye to him when he said goodbye to the team .” But above all, Nate has also “broke the curse of his ancestors, which was to die in the field, on the moon, by a demon, all those ways Heywood men died in the past. He is still alive…”

Which also means that he could eventually return to service on occasion. : “Of course, the door is always open… But yes, it’s a real goodbye. He leaves to live with Zari in the totem and finally write his book.”

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