Leonardo DiCaprio explains Don’t Look Up and its hidden message

Don't Look Up DiCpario

“It’s about our inability to listen to scientific truth …”

At the top of Netflix’s Top 10 in France and around the world since its release, the film Don’t Look Up was able to cause a certain shock wave among subscribers. And that was the goal of director Adam McKay, when he imagined this Cosmic Denial collective, in which the whole world refuses to open its eyes to the fate that awaits it.

In this video posted by Netflix, Leonardo DiCaprio explains the (barely) hidden message of the film, which obviously uses the imminent impact of this comet as a metaphor for the short-term consequences of global warming dramatically ignored by humanity:

“It’s an analogy of our inability to listen to scientific truth”, confirmed Leonardo DiCaprio, specifying that he had searched for a long time for a film capable of speaking about the environment in this way. Without beating around the bush, the Hollywood star hopes to raise awareness with Don’t Look Up :

“If we do not elect leaders or if we do not support the fight against the climate crisis, we will experience a fate very similar to that of the characters in the film”, he said, before concluding: “In many ways this movie is a mirror of our whole culture, the way we deal with bad news. The whole question is whether we are able, as a species, to evolve and focus. on the biggest problem ever encountered by Humanity … ”

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