Leonardo DiCaprio was paid ten times less than usual for Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar

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Leonardo Leonardo DiCaprio was paid ten times less than usual for Clint Eastwood's J. Edgar
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The filmmaker made great savings by hiring Leonardo DiCaprio!

Instead of its usual 20 million dollars (not counting the percentages on receipts), Leonardo DiCaprio has not been paid “than” 2 million dollars to play J. Edgar Hoover in the biopic of the ex-FBI boss directed by Clint eastwood. A film to see again this Sunday on Arte, followed by a documentary on the actor entitled Leonardo DiCaprio: Most Wanted, already visible on the site Arte.TV. Just ten years ago, in November 2011, the filmmaker revealed himself in the press, precisely in Hollywood Reporter, that the star of Titanic was so interested in playing under his direction that she agreed to receive a lot less money than usual : “He could have made a lot of money by accepting a big-show movie full of special effects, but he preferred to focus on diversity in his career, just like me as a director.”

Details that thanks to the successive successes of Shutter island and Inception, the months preceding the release of J. Edgar, Leonardo DiCaprio had received no less than $ 77 million! It is especially the cardboard of the film of Christopher Nolan, on which he earned a percentage on DVD / Blu-ray revenue and sales, which allowed him to inflate his usual salary, which placed him well at the top of the ranking of the highest paid actors of the moment in Hollywood, ahead of Johnny Depp and Adam sandler

J. Edgar: Clint Eastwood overwhelmed by his subject [critique]

The story of J. Egdar : The biopic of J. Edgar Hoover, director of the FBI for 48 years, until his death in 1972.
J. Edgar Hoover has established himself as the most powerful man in America. Director of the FBI for nearly half a century, he was ready to do anything to protect his country. While he has rubbed shoulders with eight presidents and gone through three wars, Hoover rose up against all manner of threats, whether real or fantasized, and did not hesitate to circumvent the laws for the sake of his countrymen. His methods, both brutal and heroic, won him the admiration of the whole world which he coveted above all. Hoover had a cult of secrecy, especially that of others, and was not afraid to use this confidential information to influence the balance of power with the country’s rulers in his favor. Aware that beings of power master knowledge and play with fear, he used both to extend his influence and build a reputation as a formidable and infallible man. He was as discreet about his private life as he was in public and trusted only a small circle of privileged people. His closest colleague, Clyde Tolson, was also the one who spent the most time with him. His secretary, Helen Gandy, arguably the person most knowledgeable about Hoover’s strategies, remained loyal to him until the end … and beyond. Only his mother, who was both his inspiration and his conscience, abandoned him: his disappearance devastated the great man who spent his life seeking his love and approval.J. Edgar explores the journey and the private life of a man, capable of distorting the truth as of setting it up as an intangible principle, a man who worked to defend his very particular conception of justice, but who also let himself be contaminate by the dark side of power …

The teaser :

J. Edgar, by Clint Eastwood: the movie that bothers the FBI

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