Leos Carax: “It is likely that Jeff Bezos fucked me”

Leos Carax: "Jeff Bezos probably fucked me"
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Before presenting Annette on the Croisette, the director confided in Liberation.

As expected, Annette created the event at the opening of the Cannes Film Festival. At the end of the screening, Leos Carax and his actors were entitled to a five-minute standing ovation, which left plenty of time for the director, and his main actor Adam Driver, to light up a cigarette, right in the middle of the screening room of the Palais des Festivals!

Annette did not steal her invitation to the Cannes competition [critique]

Even before it was screened to festival-goers, the musical was already talking about it. His stars Marion Cotillard, Adam Driver, Angèle, Simon Helberg and the Sparks, who composed his music, participated in a noticed photocall, and the filmmaker, who rarely gives himself an interview, agreed to answer a few questions from the newspaper Release, where he did not mince his words: “It’s likely that Bezos fucked me. But that’s probably what you deserve when you make an expensive movie, ‘beyond your means.’ The movie will hit theaters everywhere, but Amazon who distributes in the United States, will eject it as quickly as possible from American cinemas to place it on its platform (so called because indeed, it is the flattest form that businessmen have managed to imagine to exploit the films) . ” Visibly bitter towards streaming platforms (it has something in common with Thierry Frémaux, the general delegate of the Cannes festival, who continues to oppose Netflix in the press), Leos Carax adds: “We no longer release films, we bring them in, like in the garage”.

Annette’s story: A priori the two worlds of Henry and Ann should never have met. And yet, Henry, a stand-up comedian who dares everything and doesn’t want to commit, is head over heels in love with the famous singer. They form an iconic couple. Their life changes when Annette is born, their daughter promised to an extraordinary future …

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