Les Éternels starts strong at the box office, for its first day in France

With over 160,000 admissions as of Wednesday, the MCU’s cosmic film does better than Shang-Shi, but worse than Black Widow.

Critics are divided. But the public is always there to go see Marvel at the movies. Released Wednesday in cinemas in France, The Eternals attracted some 161,391 spectators in 579 theaters. Either a score almost identical to Venom: Let There be Carnage, last month, which had … 161,600 admissions, in more than 700 theaters!

With an average of 279 fans per copy, The Eternals thus succeeds a thunderous first day, which could therefore announce a good small box office hexagonal, even if in the absolute, the band of Chloe Zhao remains rather far from the biggest hits of 2021. It is indeed about the 8th start of the year alone, far behind the 468,862 entries of Fast & Furious 9 or the 423,922 entries of Kaamelott this summer.

Dying can wait becomes the biggest success of 2021 at the French box office

Compared to other Marvel released in recent months, The Eternals does less well than Black widow (184,000 spectators on the first day) but better than Shang Chi (108,161).

In any case, this allows the MCU blockbuster to easily take the top of the list of novelties of the week, ahead of the choral comedy. If we sang, which cumulates 23,762 admissions in 355 cinemas (an average of 67 spectators per print) and the last film by Jacques Audiard to appear in Cannes, The Olympics, with 17,517 admissions in 229 theaters.

Note that The Sopranos are no longer successful in France. Tony’s prequel film, Many Saints of Newark, totals only 1,665 admissions, in a small park of 86 cinemas.

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