Les Trois Frères the return: Opportunistic money machine or nice comeback? [critique]

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The Three Brothers Return
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What is the sequel to the cult comedy The Unknowns worth?

Tonight, at 9:15 p.m., TMC will once again offer The Three Brothers Return. But what is the sequel to the cult comedy of the Unknowns worth? When it was released in early 2014, the editorial staff of First had been disappointed.

The Unknown in the cinema: with or without Pascal?

Here is our review: From beyond the grave, their mother brings together the Latour brothers again, who must receive a residue of the inheritance bequeathed fifteen years earlier. For Didier, Bernard and Pascal, the hour of reunion turns to the sad balance sheet. The first, sales rep in sex-toys, awaits the death of his rich mother-in-law; the second, an actor without fees, awaits the big role, and the third, vaguely gigolo, is counting on a fine marriage of money.

Opportunistic cash machine at the Tanned 3 or nice comeback to the Ripoux 3 ? The question arose at the announcement of the re-training of Unknown, nineteen years after the comedy that had consecrated them. The answer lies between the two: product cynically calibrated for the market, The 3 Brothers – The Return however, lets filter a real complicity between the actors, all to the joy of meeting and playing the nostalgia card to the fullest. From the remake of the stoned scene of the first episode to the parody of a reality TV game echoing the diversions of the Unknowns, the film tries, by succeeding sporadically, to reconnect with the touching evil spirit of the beginnings. This is its (lesser) quality and, alas, its limit.

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The Unknown are preparing a new film, reveals Pascal Légitimus

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